Reliable Boiler Installations In London, Ontario.

    • Let the experts install a new boiler for you. iFH Designs and Installations Inc. has the skills and expertise you need to maximize your savings and comfort. We provide a wide range of efficient and reliable boiler systems and related accessories from the leading brands including IBC Technologies, Taco, Triangle Tube, Wilo, and more.

Handled Perfectly For Extra Savings & Comfort.

    • When you select a boiler, our trained and licensed boiler installers provide exceptional customized service to maximize your savings and comfort. We offer timely and thorough services, so you can rest assured, knowing that you are about to embrace even warmth for your bathroom and kitchen use, and even for radiant heating.

We Ensure You Receive:

    • High-quality and reliability.
    • Greater energy efficiency.
    • Complete satisfaction and comfort.

Get Your Boiler Up and Running!

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