Embrace The Future Through Hydronic In-Floor Systems

    • Hydronic In-Floor Heat Systems use little electricity and space, thus bringing ultimate performance and comfort with extra savings. ABC Designs and Installation Inc. is committed to helping people in London, Ontario and the neighbouring counties embrace this future of heating with complete peace of mind.
      We provide a variety of radiant heating floor styles for your renovation or construction projects. Our team of trained and licensed professionals utilizes tested cutting-edge heat systems from our product partners, and works synergistically with contractors, planners, and owners. They are perfect for large areas, entire homes, and buildings, and work perfectly with all floor coverings.

How Hydronic In-Floor Systems Work?

    • Our hydronic (water-based) systems work by circulating boiler-heated water through a network of cross-linked durable pipes placed inside your floor.
    • They are compatible with a variety of floor coverings including ceramic tile, laminates, cork, stone, wood, and carpet.
    • Their flexibility allows you to use them for a single room or the entire home.
    • They are 20-40% or more energy efficient. Plus, they are the healthiest and cleanest heating option.
    • They can be powered using a variety of sources including, solar, electricity, natural gas, etc.

The Products We Recommend

    • Rehau-We rely on Rehau for in-floor PexA tubing for both floor heating and potable hot and cold-water systems. They are also used in household fire sprinkler systems.
    • Taco-We use Taco’s circulators because of their precise controls for energy savings, their reliability, and exceptional tech. support.
    • Triangle Tube-A wall-hung, modulating, condensing stainless steel construction. German technology, star-rated @ 95%+ energy efficiency,
    • Bradford-White-We rely on Bradford-White for their larger size storage tanks, indirects, and Combo-Cor2 heaters/

Why Choose iFH Designs for all your Hydronic System Requirements?

    • 50+ years of experience.
    • Trained and qualified professionals.
    • Unparalleled customer service.

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